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Couple's Work

Somewhere along the way we forget we have decided to row this boat called life, as a TEAM. We each get so stuck paddling as hard as we can that we forget we have our person to help! Sometimes we simply have to remember how to synchronize our strokes once again.

Tree Lined Path


Determine a Path

Without a clear way forward, we can feel stuck. Lets start by getting on the same page regarding each person's needs, expectations, limitations, and aspirations for the relationship.


Rebuild the Vision(and hold onto it!)

Not only is it difficult to know how to proceed without an aligned vision, but maintaining it takes resilience and the proper support.

Image by Shane Rounce
Image by Kyle Glenn


Foster Togetherness

Most relationships feel easy at first and maybe even for years! But, eventually most pose challenges around intimacy and connection that can harbor doubts. This is TOTALLY normal! Lets integrate new skills that will reinvigorate your bond.


Go Team US!

The return to working as a team is where the magic happens. Once the patterns that derail teamwork are identified and embraced, new skills are practiced and implemented, and newfound connection has blossomed, remaining together as a TEAM will feel natural again.

Image by Murat Bahar
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