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Why Core Energetics?

According to Descarte's, we think therefore we are. But, we are so much more than just our minds! We are a vastly complex web of systems that science is just beginning to understand. These systems are far more interrelated than we ever knew! Core Energetics demonstrates that a symptom, whether observed in the body, mind, heart, or spirit, is only one representation of a disharmony that is simultaneously affecting every other part of the person. No matter how seemingly different these layers appear they are all made up of the same thing, energy. When one feels open and energy is able to flow freely we see vitality. When a person feels shut down and energy is blocked or distorted we find signs of illness. If we are to make lasting improvements to the entire person we must honor and tend to every part of the whole. 

When we are born, we approach the world from a more open, receptive, and giving place. We seek to share our needs and desires with others unconditionally. But because we live in an unpredictable and flawed world, our only line of defense we have is to become less open, receptive, and giving. We learn very early that there are parts of us that are good and acceptable and parts that are bad and seemingly don’t deserve love. Because love and inclusion are essential for survival, we become very skilled at sharing only the parts of us that secure that love and repress the parts that jeopardize it. Together we will work to re-unite you with with all of who you are!

Group Therapy

Love & Inclusion Are Essential for Survival

Through observing our life and courageously claiming the truths we hide out of fear, we begin to understand how we hold ourselves back or force our energy through life. We aim to be more conscious and allow a more authentic and unbridled flow of energy. It is through a practice like Core Energetics that we can be reunited with more of who we truly are, mature into greater wholeness, and reclaim our capacity to create a life we love!

Developed gradually over the 20th Century from Freud to Reich, Lowen to Pierrakos, Core Energetics exists at the forefront of progressive holistic healing modalities, whilst maintaining its roots in Classical Psychology.

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