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Ketamine Treatment Support

Due to the dynamic nature of Ketamine Therapy, adjunct counseling support is paramount to the effectiveness and longevity of positive treatment outcomes. I work with folks engaging in at-home or in-clinic treatments virtually or in-person in the Portland, OR Metro Area. From preparation to ongoing support, I endeavor to help you get the most potential healing possible. Please reach out for a consultation to discuss your needs.



Research-backed tools and strategies ensure optimal benefit and are key to the success of your Ketamine Treatments. That said, centering your sense of safety and confidence in our therapeutic relationship is paramount. We are in this TOGETHER!

Treatment Support:

Though some clinics and online services offer psychotherapeutic support options, not all do, and many only offer a conservative support component. I find there is exceptional benefit in having proper and consistent support the whole way through the treatment process and beyond.

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Triumphant Hiker


In many ways, THIS is the most critical component of harnessing lasting benefits from your Ketamine Treatments. We are building you a new perspective on life and this takes consistent action on your part. Proper support in learning the skills and confidence needed for lasting change is key.

Ongoing Counseling and Psycho-education

As a Holistic Counselor I offer a unique opportunity to expand the depth and momentum initiated by your treatments and our time together, to ensure lasting and sustainable change.


I also offer Ketamine Consulting to help you simply learn more about the process and assess if its a worthwile consideration for you.

Meditating Together
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