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Reclaim Your Energy To Thrive

Meet Eli(he/him)

Core Energetics Practitioner/Graduate*

Hi, my name is Eli Simon. About a decade ago I entered what I know to be the greatest existential crisis of my life. After a relentless cascade of losses including my physical well-being, I began a long and arduous pilgrimage inward toward wellness. That’s when I found Core Energetics. I have spent the past 8 years discovering what depletes my life force and what reconnects me to the core of my being, my capacity to feel, and my ability to thrive! I am a graduate of a four year training in Core Energetics at N.W.P.C.E. and non-licensed counselor under Oregon Regulatory Statute 675.825(4). 

I would love the opportunity to utilize what I have learned to assist you in navigating the next big phase of your life with ease and grace. May your heart be blessed with the love and support it deserves!


My Areas of Interest

Trees and Mountains

What is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics is a Body-Centered healing practice designed to also include the Mind, Heart, Will, and Spirit in one transformational container of support. Core seeks to provide new  possibilities in the realm of “therapy” by addressing the inherently interconnected nature of the human Self. 

When I feel like I am not making sense and getting lost in my own ideas, Eli will continuously offer an invitation to go deeper and gain more understanding. He puts his heart and soul in these sessions. I feel grateful for this.

- Ofelia S.

Because of his genuine nature and his gentle approach, I have been able to build a very trusting relationship with him. With a deep bow of gratitude, I highly recommend Eli and his unique offerings.

- Alison D.

He was definitely one of the keys to keeping my head above water. Nearly every time I see Eli I say something to my partner like: “Wow I had such an amazing, impactful, rich session with Eli today."

- Heather C.

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